Mission for the Office of the Superintendent of Schools

The Mission of the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, guided by the Holy Spirit, is to care for the education and faith formation of our Catholic School Communities through leadership and service while advancing sustainable, thriving school models centered in the Excellence of Christ.

We Believe Statements

  1. We believe our role is to provide vision, leadership, and support for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport.
  2. We believe that evangelization and formation in Catholic schools is based on the explicit and intentional integration of faith and the teachings of the Church into the entire life of the school community.
  3. We believe that learning in Catholic schools is based on a rigorous curriculum integrated with ever-evolving technologies and the application of 21st century skills.
  4. We believe that Catholic schools are called to respect ethnic and cultural diversity so that students may think critically and globally in order to contribute to the betterment of their communities as they become good stewards and virtuous citizens of our world.
  5. We believe Catholic schools thrive when parents, administrators, teachers, clergy and parishes collaborate. We seek support and appreciate community participation from those who share our vision, mission and goals.
  6. We believe in the advancement of sustainable school models to ensure the continued legacy of Catholic education.