Did you attend a Catholic school?

How do you remember your schools days? Walking down the halls in school as a student? Eating lunch with friends? Finishing that project or studying for that test? Which teachers come to mind when you remember your school? Our Catholic school alumni in Fairfield County are over 80,000! And with 9,000 students currently enrolled in 31 schools throughout Fairfield County, the Catholic school legacy continues.

Today we have the next generation of alumni walking in our halls. We hope to build more memories for more students, and to continue to make a Catholic education accessible to any student.

Now is the time for you to reconnect with your classmates from Catholic school!

If your school has since closed, you may designate that gift to any school of your choice throughout Fairfield County or request that your gift be used for the Bishop Scholarship Fund to help the students with the greatest financial scholarship needs. 100% of your donation will benefit Catholic school students in Fairfield County.