I appreciated my Catholic school education and the role it played in who I am today.
Catholic School Graduate

Many of our 80,000 alumni from Fairfield County point to their foundation in Catholic schools as a significant part of lives. Despite our strong history of academic excellence, Catholic schools are in jeopardy. Demand for Catholic schools continues but rising tuition costs, reduced family incomes and a dwindling population of religious and clergy, have left our schools financially strapped. Nearly one in five Catholic schools – primarily elementary schools – has closed their doors in this decade.

Over 10,000 students are enrolled in our 35 Catholic schools in Fairfield County and many more wish to attend. Our  50% percent of our elementary schools have achieved the Blue Ribbon Schools of National Excellence and more than 99% of all high school graduates go on to higher education. Our Catholic schools are a proven product.

However, despite their strong history of academic excellence, Catholic schools today are in jeopardy. Although the demand for a Catholic elementary school education remains high (waiting lists exist in 30% of schools nationally), increased tuition costs, the declining ability of families to pay, and a dwindling number of religious and clergy, have resulted in financially strapped school budgets. In fact, nearly one in five Catholic schools – primarily elementary schools – have closed their doors this decade.

We need your help. Today, through an historic and unprecedented private grant, Catholic school alumni from three states and more than 300 Catholic elementary schools will be reconnected with their Catholic schools. The new Catholic Alumni Project (CAP) will reconnect alumni with their alma mater and will actively pursue alumni support to advance the mission of our Catholic schools. In short, our alumni are our keys to the future as our Catholic schools ready the next generation of alumni.

We thank God for this wonderful opportunity to renew our relationship with you. We hope you will stay in touch with us and consider making a gift to your school. Our current students remember, with gratitude, those who have walked before them in our Catholic schools. You are ever in our hearts and in our prayers.

Please be assured that 100% of all donations collected will be designated as you wish – to the school of your choice or the Angel Aid Scholarship Fund to benefit families needing tuition assistance.