Kolbe-021Excellent preparation for our students’ futures…

99% of our Catholic high school graduates have earned admission to nearly 300 colleges and universities nationwide including: Boston College, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Catholic University, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Fairfield, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Holy Cross, Notre Dame, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Xavier, and Yale.

Our Catholic Schools offer an exceptional learning community for children.  In fact,  50% of our schools have received the Blue Ribbon Schools of National Excellence. Our graduates have earned admission to over 300 colleges and universities nationwide and have earned millions of dollars in financial assistance in the form of state and local grants and scholarships.   The legacy of excellence in Catholic education is well preserved in our Fairfield County Catholic Schools.

  • 9,000 students attend 26 Catholic schools in grades PreK-12
  • 20 elementary schools throughout Fairfield County
  • 5 high schools educating 2,400 students
  • 1 special education school serving our special needs children
  • Students with learning disabilities are mainstreamed in our schools with direction and support from a certified, experienced team, led by an educator with a doctoral degree