Policy & Procedures
Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools Policy and Procedures Manual October 14, 2015

Prayer Book
Sample prayer book listing prayer expectations by grade level

Safe Environment
Virtus Online

School Advisory Board (SAB)
SAB Manual

AMEN (Advancement, Marketing and Enrollment Network) Resource Library
These resources are made available to our schools as well as our peers in Catholic education across the country.  If you find and share helpful materials from our site, please be sure to credit the appropriate source.  

Enrollment Tools
Catholic Elementary School Sample Registration Worksheet
Exit Interview Sample

Marketing Tools
Catholic Schools February Insert (Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools)
Catholic School Marketing Plan and Calendar
Social Media Plan Worksheet
Template for a School Marketing Plan

Annual Fund Tools
Annual Fund Timeline

Job Descriptions
Advancement Coordinator
Enrollment Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Enrollment and Communications