There is no greater investment, then an investment in the education of a child and their future.

Catholic schools instill a strong academic foundation coupled with solid moral development. These are lifelong tools to give to children.
Larry Bossidy, retired Chairman, Honeywell International

Support a School and Give Now

All of our Catholic schools have financial needs especially in the area of operating and scholarship support.


Patrons Program “Adopt a School”

Learning, nurturing and enriching are three very important components in educating a child. The most satisfying education is the one that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

In Social Studies classes a simple plan is followed. We teach about today’s secular society while keeping alive Christ’s message of human service and social justice. Those who share this sense of commitment want the Catholic education to surpass all educational standards and remain a viable part of the Bridgeport community.

Christian values combined with academic excellence make the perfect recipe for a balanced child. And, that’s exactly what is served up in a Catholic School.

What is the Patrons Program?
It is an adopt-a-school program for inner-city parochial elementary schools in Bridgeport, CT. PATRONS are individuals or groups of individuals who offer their financial support by contributing a minimum of $100,000 a year, renewable each year until the Principal and the PATRON agree that the school is secure. The PATRON will also share their varied expertise and personal connections with the schools. The PATRONS Program will update technology, improve building facilities, expand libraries, and introduce extended day programs where needed.

Who Might a Patron Be?
PATRONS are individuals who are:

  • Highly driven and goals oriented
  • Excellent problem solvers
  • Truly passionate about our schools and the children they educate
  • Community-minded
  • Able to leverage their experience and financial success to make great things happen
  • Often interested in contributing their time and talent

If you are interested in the Patrons Program, please contact Amy Griffin at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at (203) 416-1408 or e-mail

Thank you!