Bridgeport, CT

Loyally Serving the Bridgeport, CT Region

Bridgeport, CT is one of the largest communities in New England and continues to grow by leaps and bounds on an annual basis. Believe it or not, the city has expanded to include more than 148,000 residents! At the Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools, we’ve set out to provide an unmatched education to the growing population of children throughout Bridgeport and far beyond.


The Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools has developed a comprehensive curriculum that’s both engaging and enriching. Our programs demonstrate how a Catholic school education can help young students to explore burgeoning interests and develop important life skills. Have no doubt, our Diocesan administrators and teachers take a nuanced approach to pedagogy in a faith-based environment. This way, we’re able to maximize each student’s learning potential!


Explore Our Enriching Catholic School Education Programs

If you’re interested in learning more about our current curriculum and dedicated faculty members, be sure to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives. The Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools is proud to provide lasting Catholic school educations to all sorts of your young people throughout Bridgeport, CT and the surrounding communities.