Newsletter from the Office of the Superintendent of Schools

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Letter from Dr. Cheeseman

Dear Families and Friends of our Catholic Schools,

I am excited to share the latest Catholic school updates with you. This has been an exciting year as we celebrate another year of increased enrollment and expanded engagement of students, faculty, and families in our Catholic schools. As I travel around the diocese visiting classrooms and attending masses and celebrations, there is a palpable feeling of joy, enthusiasm and excitement.

My visits leave me with a great sense of pride as I witness the accomplishments of our schools, our faculty, and our students. Even as we shake off the residual effects of the pandemic, our students demonstrate consistent growth as they consistently outperform their peers based on both local and national benchmarks (i.e., the Catholic High School Placement Test, the Iowa Assessment of Basic Skills and Edmentum Assessment data). For this, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our teachers, administrators and staff who approach the teaching vocation with a missionary zeal. Additionally, we are tremendously thankful for the diocesan staff, the local board leaders, benefactors, and the foundations that support us.

While this newsletter only represents a snapshot of all the great things happening in our schools, I hope that it leaves you feeling the same sense of pride and excitement that I have in the Catholic schools in our Diocese. Please join me in praying for our Catholic school community as we look forward to a new and exciting school year. May God bless each of you and may Our Lady continue to shower our Catholic school family with Her blessings.


Dr. Steven F. Cheeseman
Superintendent of Schools