St. Aloysius School, New Canaan
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St. Aloysius School
33 South Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840


Michael Marasco
Katherine Dewitt and Christine Willey
Admissions and Outreach

Thank you for considering our school for your child. At St. Aloysius School, we are a community rooted in Catholic teachings and values, devoted to academic excellence and committed to serving others. Everything we do, whether it is in the classroom, in church, on playing fields or during enrichment programs and service projects, reflects back to the principles outlined in our mission statement. Nearly 65 years ago, our faith-based school was founded and has continued to grow and blossom throughout the decades. We challenge our students with an academically rigorous curriculum, latest technological and STEM initiatives, enrichment opportunities, a student leadership and mentorship program, and above all, a deep understanding of Catholic values and practices. St. Aloysius School offers a safe and nurturing learning environment for grades K-8, allowing students to thrive through a holistic approach to education that impacts the whole child. Located in vibrant downtown New Canaan, our students have immediate access to the New Canaan Public Library that is utilized by both teachers and their students. Our K-8 school has graduated students who are amply prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond. Attending competitive high schools, our students rank among the best. Ultimately, it is our goal for our students to become life-long learners and engaged world citizens who demonstrate integrity, respect and responsibility in all that they do.

"My name is Andrew Tully and I attended St. Aloysius School from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade and am now attending Fordham Prep as a Freshman. Throughout my time at St. Aloysius, I enjoyed every moment of it, and it thoroughly prepared me for High School. From the moment that Fordham Prep started, I was much more prepared for the school year than most of my classmates were and saw that I fell into the rhythm of being in a new school very quickly. I found that throughout my years at St. Aloysius, and especially in the Upper School, the classes that I was offered were at a high school level of thought, but presented in a way that made it very discreet. The smaller size of each grade has also taught me not to just hide at the back of the classroom, but to involve myself in the class." -Andrew Tully, St Aloysius School Class of 2018

"St. A's definitely prepared me for high school! In addition to growing in faith and being academically challenged, I learned organizational and time management skills. I think these traits are two of the greatest assets a new high school student can have and I’m very grateful to all my teachers from St. As who helped me develop them!" -Anna Gayer, St Aloysius School Class of 2019

"St. Aloysius School is a great place for many reasons! The faith-based education that I received at St. As prepared me very well for high school. My honors-level courses are challenging, but the skills my teachers ingrained in me allow me to handle the coursework." -Noelle Gayer, St. Aloysius School Class of 2019