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Introduction by Louis Howe, Jr., Principal

St. Joseph School
370 Main Street
Danbury, CT 06810


Louis Howe, Jr.

Adrienne Kraus
Administrative Assistant

Jeanne Grenier
Director of Admissions

My Dear Friends in Christ. Thank you for visiting Saint Joseph School. The faculty and staff of Saint Joseph School consistently strive to nurture and reinforce each student's spiritual, academic, social, and emotional needs. The dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff help promote the success of Saint Joseph School and its continued tradition lasting close to 100 years. Thank you for taking the time to consider our school, and I looking forward to welcoming you into our school family. God's Peace.

"Our family could not be happier at SJS. Our son started in kindergarten there and is now in 2nd grade. He was diagnosed in the Autism Spectrum at age 2.5, he was nearly non verbal, with a developmental delay of 18 months. The public school system could not offer him the number of hours of one-on-one interventions recommended by The Yale Child Study Center. Our health insurance (due to a law passed in CT in 2009) was willing to cover his autism services, but as per the public school system- private therapists were not allowed to deliver services in the public school setting. Instead of spending our resources in litigation fighting that rule, we decided to look for a private school that would be willing to allow therapists and technicians to come to his classroom. SJS was our choice. SJS welcomed our family and our son’s ABA team. The entire school community has embraced our son. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made for him. He is excelling academically, and has made tremendous gains with his consistent 25hrs of services a week. If you have a child with special needs and private health insurance, check your coverage benefits and consider SJS - a school where we have felt the compassion they teach in their religious curriculum every step of the way." -Parent